Photographs from the – Re:think 2013 ARF Annual Convention – The Research Club Party – Presidents Reception – GreenBook GRIT awards Party

I love to tell a story with my pictures – so they show me at the start of my journey through my arrival back home. There are only a few pictures of the seminars – I’ve found what people most enjoy of my photos are the pictures of the attendees and exhibitors – the folks like you and me who make up the backbone of our industry….. and of course…..the Parties…, I mean the professional networking events……….

These are Facebook Public links – meaning it is not necessary for you to have a Facebook account to view them.  Please let me know if you encounter any problems accessing the photos.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did taking them!

  • ARF Re:think 2013 – Sunday Part 1/7 – Arrival & Welcome Reception –
  •  ARF Re:think 2013 – Sunday – Part 2/7 – The Research Club Party –
  •  ARF Re:think 2013 – Monday Part 3/7 – 1st full day at Conference –
  •  ARF Re:think 2013 – Mon Part 4/7 – Pres Reception & home for eve. –
  •  ARF Re:think 2013 – Tuesday Part 5/7 – 2nd full day at Conference –
  •  ARF Re:think 2013 – Tuesday Part 6/7 – The GRIT Awards Party!!! –
  •  ARF Re:think 2013 – Wed Part 7/7 – Final day & back to office  –
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